Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Just Us" Moments: Bedtime Reading

If you have read this blog at least twice you know that I love to take pictures of everything in my life. From the food I eat, to the kids I love, to my daily workout, if I didn’t document it through photography, it didn’t happen. However, there are times when my family is experiencing a really cool moment and I “kill the mood” by breaking out my phone to try to capture a picture.

Sometimes Dan will stop me and say, “This is just for us.” 

Fair enough.

However, if I can’t capture the memory with a photo, I can capture it with words, which as it turns out, might be a little better. 

This is the first post in what I hope will be a kind of fun, random series.


Cora was four days old. Between the last few exhausting weeks of pregnancy and our hospital stay, Ina and I had spent minimal time together. Even though I was trying to rest, I wanted to give her some time with just me. 

The opportunity presented itself when I checked my email that morning - the library books were due that day. Perfect - time with Ina and avoiding the $10 in fees that are associated with turning in 20 books late.

I picked up Ina from daycare and we headed directly to the library. Instead of me picking out the books, I let her go wild and pick random books off the shelf, while I picked a few on my list. She loved it and after we checked out our books and were walking out the door she looked up at me with those moon-pie eyes of her’s and told me I was “the best mom ever."

Fast forward to bedtime. The only days Ina wants to go to bed are the days we have new library books. We lugged the bag of books upstairs, changed into her pull-up, and I was just about to place Cora in her rocker when Ina said, “I want Cora to lay in my armpit."

I gave Dan and a leery look. Cora was pretty new and breakable in my eyes.

“Oh, just let her,” he sighed.

I gave myself a pep talk as I snuggled Cora into Ina’s arm. Ina was extra gentle with her, although her excited giggling and wiggling did wake Cora up. 

With Dan next to Ina and me next to Cora, we settled in bed and started to read the first book on top of the pile - it was a Fancy Nancy book. In between each page, I checked on Cora, who was absolutely fine. In fact, she had her eyes wide open, which is rare for a four day old baby. Even funnier was that she appeared to be looking at the book. 

By the time we started the next book, Ina was holding Cora’s hand and Cora continued to stare at the pages, which were reflecting the light of our bedside lamp. 

Dan smiled at me and asked, “Racheal, are you seeing this?"

I was. I was seeing our new family and trying to burn the memory to my brain. 

That night Ina helped Cora wiggle her way into our night-time tradition, and we have done the same thing every night since. 


  1. Love this. What a fabulous memories you are building. By the way I love Fancy Nancy, one of my daughter's favorites when she was small.


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