Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Things Ina Says: 2.65 years

Mom, I don’t think Aumlette is a completely outside dog. I think he can poop in my room if he wants to.

IMG 2007

(Holding a frog. We only have about 100 in our back yard.)


Someone at Dan’s work: How did you get those blue eyes and blonde hair?

Ina: God


IMG 1984

While playing in the pool, “Do you want to see something really funny?” as she dumps all her sidewalk chalk in the water.


While sleeping, “Hey! I told her to give me the sugar and she didn’t get it to me! No fair!


IMG 2147

Gunner, after he walks Ina outside, buckles her in her carseat, and closes her door, which is does often, “Goodbye Ina Mae Kendrick"

Ina: Goodbye Gunner Champ

Gunner: My middle name is Andrew

Ina: Goodbye Gunner Andrew Champ.

This goes on for a while, then as we drove away..

Ina: I love him. He is my husband. Next time I will tell him goodbye husband


She said something she thought was funny, I can’t even remember what it was now, and then said, “If you laugh, I will say that again."


Me: Ina, how did you get that hole in your shirt?

Ina: I think a polar bear did it.


IMG 2110

Me: Cora pooped

Ina: Big sister time! (Then she ran to the bathroom and got her step-stool and brought it to the pack and play to help me change her.)


IMG 2006

Whispering to Cora: I will love you forever and ever and ever.


Ina: In the car at a stop light. The light turned green and she yelled, “The light is green! Go."

Me: Ina, you don’t have to yell. They will go in a few minutes. Be patient.

Ina: But my daddy does that. 


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