Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ten Things...

…that have happened since I talked to you last. 

Wow. it has been awhile. Right now, I either have time to blog or sleep a few extra minutes. Guess which one is winning? Thankfully, Cora only woke up once last night and then at 6:30 this morning, giving me the 30 minutes I need to talk to you guys before Ina is awake. 

Here is what we have been up to:

1. Cora has a clogged tear duct. 

IMG 2331

The gunk in her eye was not going away despite my best efforts, so we made an appointment with her pediatrician who immediately said she had a blocked tear duct that was also infected and taught me how to “massage” the block out. I tried to tell Cora that all massages were good, but unfortunately she isn’t a fan. The massage plus antibiotic eye drops are working wonders on her eye and she is doing much better.

2. We had our friends Brad and Chessa over for dinner on Friday night. 

IMG 2340

Their beautiful daughter Edie was born exactly two weeks after Cora. They are already best friends and have learned to cry in sync. 

3. We went to Gunner’s birthday party on Saturday.

IMG 2342

It was a pool party with a mac and cheese bar - isn’t Danielle a genius? 

IMG 2341

Ina had a blast with the exception of the few minutes she was upchucking on the side of the pool. Poor girl has a sensitive gag reflex. 

4. Lots and lots of walks. 

IMG 2345

I just can’t say no when Mr. BOB asks me out on a date, especially because he is so accommodating with my children.

5. Consignment shopping. 

IMG 2348

There was a huge consignment sale going on this week in KC, so Cora and I hit it up to get some fall shoes for Ina. We tried to go back yesterday to the half price sale, but Cora wasn’t in the best mood, so we left empty handed. 

IMG 2353

6. Playtime with cousins.

My family is in town from Texas and we went to visit them at my grandparents’ house, along with my niece and nephew. A trip to the park always does a family good.

7. Cora turned one month old yesterday!

IMG 2361

At one month she isn’t doing much besides crying, eating, and dirtying her diaper (about 10 to 12 per day). A few notes:

IMG 2362

  • She really likes to be warm and sleeps best in her “winter” sleepers
  • She has a nasty case of baby acne right now. Poor girl looks like I did when I was 15. 
  • She prefers to be held if she is awake.
  • She weighs 10 pounds and has long outgrown her newborn clothes
  • She is getting more tolerant of her big sister kissing her, laying on her, and sticking her finger up her nose.IMG 2372

8. I tried a new recipe for dinner last night: bacon and brussels sprouts spaghetti carbonara

IMG 2373

Dan said it was so good he couldn’t eat it fast enough. Ha!

9. I braved the bath with both kids yesterday.

IMG 2375

Cora couldn’t decide if she liked Ina dumping water on her or not, but Ina loved helping me wash Cora, who now has squeaky clean feet.

10. Lots of this

IMG 2356

Have a great day!

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