Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Food and Fitness Plan [8/30]

Good morning and Happy Sunday! 

IMG 2458

Morning hair don’t care.

Cora is now five weeks old and I feel like I am in the groove of our new life. In some ways, the past five weeks have felt like vacation - not working, seeing lots of different friends and family, etc. But, I typically sleep a little more on vacation.

Either way, it is time to put on my big girl panties and start a dinner routine instead of calling Dan and asking him to pick something up on the way home. Seriously, I don’t want to show you our budget for August. It isn’t pretty. Also, I don’t know how many more lunches of cottage cheese and chips I can handle.

Any recipes you have loved lately? 


Breakfasts and snacks:

Workouts: I haven’t technically been cleared to fully exercise by my mid-wife, so I am going to stick to walking for the next few weeks. I am going to try to get in two to three miles per day.

Have a lovely week!

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