Monday, August 31, 2015

Good Call...Bad Call

Good Monday morning! 

Is it weird that I feel like my old self again when I am sipping coffee and staring at a computer screen before the sun comes up? I am attempting to jump back into the habit of waking up before Ina so that I will be able to start exercising toddler free in the next few weeks. Day one is looking good.

This weekend was full of good times, good decisions, and then some, well, not so good decisions. They were as follows:

Good call: leaving the house on Friday morning to visit our friends Chessa, Silo, and Baby Edie. Ina just loves to take over someone else’s puzzle collection

Bad call(s): 

  • Leaving without a plan for lunch
  • Telling Ina we could get chicken nuggets and then quickly changing my mind when the drive thru line was at least 30 minutes long
  • Next telling Ina we could go to Trader Joe’s and find lunch and she could push a small cart because all the small carts were occupied
  • Taking Ina (and Cora) into Old Navy while we were both hungry

Good call: letting Ina pick out Sadie’s birthday present in Old Navy. I am really trying to teach her how to GIVE presents and it has been a struggle, but she did well with clothes, which are easier to give up than toys.

Bad call: leaving Ina’s blankie in Old Navy and not realizing it until we had walked across the mall back to the car and loaded everything in the car (still hungry)

Good call: taking Ina to a Greek restaurant and enjoying some one-on-one time with her. I didn’t realize that I rarely sit down with just her and do nothing but share a meal. It was wonderful.

IMG 2434

Bad call: asking Ina if she liked the restaurant in front of the owner because she answered, “Yes, but they didn’t give me any crayons or nothin’"

Good call: spending the rest of Friday with my family playing cards

Bad call: waiting until Saturday morning to get everything together to leave for a 9:30 am birthday party, but somehow we made it on time. Note to self - get everything ready the night before next time.

Good call: Liz’s decision to have Sadie’s birthday party at Deanna Rose Farm. This was my first visit there and it was wonderful! 

IMG 2445

(Really) Bad call: Not noticing the sign that said kids had to be 3 years old to ride the ponies until after I had told Ina she could ride a pony and then waited in line for 20 minutes to do so and we were the next in line. I told Ina she couldn’t ride the pony ride because she wasn’t 3 and then she started crying, so I did what I never thought I would do and said, “But if you tell her you are three, you can ride it.” She looked at me and asked, “I’m 3?!?” and then looked at the worker and shouted, “I’m 3!"

IMG 2442

Now I must convince her that she is two again and that lying is not a good thing.

Good call: taking both Ina and Cora grocery shopping. They both were wonderful - Ina played with some Play-Doh and Cora slept in the Ergo.

IMG 2452

Bad call: trying to stuff the groceries in the back of my car that was already occupied with a huge stroller. I was still wearing Cora when the bags starting falling out and a gallon of milk busted. 

IMG 2454

Good call: going to Danielle’s for dinner. She and her husband made us a baby meal that was so, so good. After dinner we let the kids play and the adults sat by a fire and talked. It was great. 

IMG 2455

Bad call: Waiting until Sunday morning to get everything ready to leave for church. Again - please - do it the night before.

Good call: Church. Always a good call. Worshipping with friends is next level stuff.

Bad call: Waiting to nurse until we arrived at Dan’s work. Even though I parked in the back corner of the parking lot, a man came to the car next to us and decided to take his lunch break inside it. Awkward.

Good call: Taking Dan lunch. He had to work all weekend and we sure missed him. I hope to do this more often.

IMG 2461

Bad call: almost running out of gas

Good call: driving to my Grandma Beverly’s house to celebrate her birthday with cupcakes. 

Bad call: letting Ina play with my Grandma’s necklace, because she “accidentally” broke it into about 50 pieces. 

Good call: re-activiting my family’s fantasy football league. 

Bad call: trying to do the draft, nurse Cora, eat dinner, and read to Ina all at the same time. I may have drafted a player that is out for the year. 

IMG 2468

Oh well, if that is as bad as it gets, I don’t have it that bad, huh? 

Have a lovely start to your week!

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