Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Day in My Life [with a newborn + toddler]

August 4th, 2015

12:49 AM - Cora wakes up right on time. She isn’t very patient, so I hurry to get out of bed, grab her from her rocker, and carry her to Ina’s room to nurse her. 

IMG 2094

I know this is messed up on so many levels for so many reasons, but right now Ina and Cora both sleep in our room. When Cora wakes up, I need light to nurse her, so I go to Ina’s room, which has the most comfortable rocker/recliner. Now that Cora is 10 days old we have our routine down pat. She cries, I remove her swaddle, change her diaper (if it is needed), grab the boppy, and sit in the rocker to nurse her. Then, once she is done, I burp her, wrap her back up, put a hat on her, and carry her back to our room and place her in the rocker where is mostly falls back asleep.

1:23 - back in bed

4:13 - Cora wakes up again - back to Ina’s room

4:34 - Cora fell asleep after just eating on one side, despite all my efforts to wake her up, so I head back to bed. As soon as I place her in the rocker, she starts to cry, so we go back to Ina’s room to finish eating

4:45 - after a quick nursing session, we are all back in bed

IMG 2045

6:49 - Cora is awake again, which is a smidge earlier than normal (7:30ish), but I will take only getting up twice in the night. I pick her up and head downstairs, hoping to make some coffee before I feed her, which didn’t happen because she was crying/rooting like crazy, so I sat down on the couch to feed her. 

Just as I am finishing up feeding Cora, I hear Ina yell, “Momma! I pooped my pull-up.”  I sigh - this rarely happens, but I tell her to come downstairs so I can help her.

I put Cora is her bouncy seat and take Ina to the bathroom to see that she has not pooped her pull-up. I told her this and she giggled and said, “Oh. Silly Ina!"

I take Ina upstairs to get her some clothes, she wakes up Dan, and we come downstairs to get dressed because I must make coffee ASAP.

IMG 2046

7:15: Make coffee, fill up a glass of water and chug it while I take my naproxen and prenatal vitamin. The naproxen is for the pain I am still in, which is quite a bit, unfortunately. I vow to rest more today. The need to chug water is because I had a dip in my milk supply the day before and I am determined to do whatever I can to amp it up.

7:18: Crap, I realize that Ina is still naked and asking Dan if he can “see her butt?” I put panties on Ina, grab the Pringles can that Dan left out the night before out of her hand, and search for something a little healthier for breakfast. We settle on cherries I bought before I went to the hospital (surprisingly still good) and a zucchini muffin I baked a few days ago.

7:30; Finally drink coffee. Remind myself to set it to brew before I wake up tomorrow.

Cora is still sitting happily in her bouncer seat, hiccuping away, so I sit down with my coffee on the couch, brush Ina’s hair, and she brings a sticker / coloring book for us to play with.

IMG 2056

8:03: Say goodbye to Dan and Ina. They are going to our rental house to do some work on the front porch, which unfortunately had termites. Whomp whomp.

IMG 2058

8:05: I hear Dan yelling in the garage, so I rush outside to see that Ina has decided to drag her metal toy rake across his car. Yikes. Hopefully it will buff out, right? I do my best to comfort Dan and Ina, who are both pretty upset.

8:09: come back inside to Cora crying. She did poop her diaper, which I need to get to immediately, because she has been having a little rash problem. She is better with clean pants, and I take a few minutes to rock her and sing her a song.

8:14: Now that the house is quite, I read two days of my bible reading (I am about two weeks behind) out loud to Cora who is acting like she wants to eat again, but I really want to hold out until 2 hours between feedings. Then we pray together.

8:53: I put some oatmeal on the stove for breakfast - hoping it will help increase my milk supply.

8:57: Feed Cora, who keeps falling asleep despite her rooting only minutes before. We both are rocking coffee stains.

IMG 2062

9:15: I forgot about the oatmeal, but consider it a miracle it only burned a little on the bottom and didn’t boil over. I add frozen blueberries, flax seed, coconut oil, and brown sugar and divide it into 3 servings (now I have breakfast for the next two days!).

IMG 2063

9:19: Cora starts crying again - another poopy diaper. 

9:27: I have to use the bathroom - the coffee and water caught up to me

9:32: Eat cold oatmeal

9:40: I swaddle Cora in a blanket, give her a pacifier, and carry her upstairs to put her in her rocker for her morning nap. I hop in the shower and take my time.

9:50: I dress myself from the basket of clean clothes I didn’t put away from the day before and then put the rest away. 

10:00: I come downstairs and blitz clean our kitchen and living room. I pick up all the trash, load some dishes in the dishwasher, throw all the toys in the toy room, wipe down the counters, and start the Roomba.

10:20: Write the first half of this blog post

IMG 2065

10:45: Cora is still sleeping, so I go upstairs to relax in bed next to her while reading my library book. It is the second book in the Mark of the Lion series. If you like Christian fiction, you would love these and I highly recommend them.

IMG 2064

10:47: My friend Courtney calls and we make plans for her to take newborn pictures the following evening.

11:15: Mix up pizza dough for lunch

IMG 2066

11:23: Dan and Ina are home! She has to pee - immediately - so I help her to the bathroom.

11:30: Pull our stool over to the kitchen sink to pull the chicken off the bone for BBQ chicken pizza chicken - I soon have a little begger who loves chicken.

IMG 2069

12:00 - Cora is still asleep, so I bring her downstairs in hopes she will wake up soon to eat - starting to get uncomfortable.

12:07: It only took 7 minutes of being around Ina for Cora to wake up. I change her diaper and feed her and change her out of her pajamas. While I am feeding her Dan makes the pizza.

12:24: Eat lunch

IMG 2072

12:48: Dan takes Ina upstairs to put her down for her nap.

12:52: Dan’s friend rings the doorbell. Can Dan come out to play?

12:56: Change of plans. Cora and I go upstairs to help Ina go to sleep. We originally plan to read 4 books, (current library faves are Room on the Broom and I Know a Wee Piggy) but she manages to weasel one more out of me.

IMG 2074

1:28: Ina is asleep and so is Cora, so I lay in bed and read my book while they sleep. I am really taking advantage of the need to relax.

2:40: Cora is awake. I quickly fill up my water bottle, change her diaper, and feed her. Then we cuddle until...

IMG 2077

3:39: Ina is awake, so we all go upstairs and cuddle.

3:50: Dan is home. He went to his friend’s house to play basketball while we were resting.

4:00: Help Ina pick up her toy room. It was getting pretty crazy. Wish I had the time to really organize it, but we will save that for another day.

4:20: Change Cora’s diaper and feed her. She poops while I am feeding her, so I change her diaper after and while I am changing her diaper she poops again - I have to change her diaper again and her outfit.

4:45: Dan’s parents are here! I sit on the couch to talk to his mom while she helps get things together for dinner and Dan starts the grill outside. Ina plays some games on the iPad. Current favorite app is Starfall.

5:40: Change Cora’s diaper and feed her.

6:13: Dinner isn’t ready and I am starved. I eat a leftover piece of pizza.

6:20: Unload dishwasher

6:30: Eat dinner

IMG 2078

7:10: Change a dirty diaper

7:15: Start to clear the table, but Ina announced she “peed in her pants just a little bit.” We run to the bathroom and finish peeing.

IMG 2084

7:25: Leave Cora with Granny and take Ina upstairs to take a bath. I realize this was the only time we have by ourselves all day and feel kind of bad about it. But, I make the most of it and tell her stories - The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood.

7:45: Sit down on the couch to feed Cora watch the Royals game, where I will stay for the rest of the night. Ina is playing with Granny. 

8:05: Dan brings me a beer - I have been drinking one per day to stimulate my supply.

8:30: Eat some skittles

9:12: Take Cora upstairs to change her into her jams, feed her, change her diaper, and swaddle her up

IMG 2093

9:33: Put Cora in her rocker and go downstairs to kiss Ina goodnight. She is sleeping downstairs with Dan’s parents. 

9:45: Cora is crying. She pooped again. Ugh. This is lucky #13 for diapers for the day.

9:50: Read a little more of my book. I seriously have a problem. But it is so, so good and I have to know what happens next. One more chapter...

10:12: Lights out!

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