Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dr. Ina, OB/GYN

Last night I found a doctor who was willing to admit me for baby delivery.

IMG 1767

Too bad she planned on using an otoscope and kisses to get the baby out. 

No real updates over here. I am still pregnant with no signs of labor except for a sore back, which could also mean nothing. I have a midwife appointment today and am looking forward to at least seeing this baby via ultrasound.

Dan’s parents are here, which has been so restful. We had Chinese takeout for dinner and Ina slept with them last night, which corresponded to me getting a completely full night’s sleep. Now that I have one full night’s sleep behind me, I am ready to tackle the next 6 months of not getting any. 

Yesterday my short term disability insurance called me to confirm that Monday was my last day of work. I laughed and told them to expect me to work for the rest of the week. Ha! I now see why some women need to use part of their maternity leave before they have the baby, although I think I would just sit around and think about it more, so probably best I keep working (from home) for now. 

I hope you have a lovely day! 


  1. Good morning! I hope today will be D-Day!!! Hang in there, sistah!!!

  2. Ahhh... sleep! It's so wonderful, isn't it?! My baby just turned 6 months old today, and we've been having 7+ hours of sleep for the past 2 months (for the most part). SO -- here's to wishing that you get blessed with the same! :)


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