Tuesday, July 7, 2015

38 Weeks...

and 3 days!

I could have sworn that this baby would be born by now, but it is looking like she is perfectly content to stay in a cook for a while longer. Although last night her wiggling made us all think she was trying to force her way out of my belly button.  Who needs a baseball game when you have a dancing belly for entertainment?

A few thoughts:

- I have never been this pregnant before. I had Ina at 37w4d, so every morning feels like a new milestone, which is probably why I thought this baby would come early.

-Dan is rocking the to-do list. Yesterday he asked what he needed to do and the only thing I could think of was mowing the yard.

-The nursery is so close to being complete. We just need to add curtains. I also wanted to do an art project with the baby’s name, but that likely isn’t going to happen before she gets here. Maybe with all that free time I will get on maternity leave? (<— sarcasm font)

-I must have reached that desperately pregnant look, because when I was grocery shopping at Aldi on Friday, three different people offered to help me. Someone even helped me put my groceries in my car. I tried to explain that none of the bags were near as heavy as the toddler I lug up and down the stairs daily, but they insisted. 

-On that same note, I was in a teleconference yesterday and one of my coworkers said, “Geeze, how pregnant are you?!? You sound like you can’t even breathe."

-I think I have lost all modesty in favor of comfort and convenience. Yesterday at work I walked by a glass window in the hallway and noticed that my skirt was not laying correctly over my belly. So, I proceeded to lift up my shirt and adjust my skirt in the hallway. It wasn’t until after I had finished that I realized what I had done and was so thankful that someone didn’t see me. I mean, these people need to take me seriously, which is hard to do when you have seen my belly button.

-My weekly check-up went well yesterday, with the exception of my amniotic fluid. It was 6.4, which is lower than it has ever been. The past three measurements have been 7.5, 7.6 and 11.5.  As long as it stays above 5, baby girl will stay in there, but if it drops below 5 next week we will get to meet her a little early. My midwife wasn’t concerned because she is doing so well in there. I love getting to see her chubby cheeks every week on the ultrasound and yesterday I swear the profile looked exactly like Ina’s.

-I read an article about going past your due date, which is more than likely to happen with me. It suggested that you create a reward for yourself everyday you go past the date. I think I might take it one step further and make a reward for every day I go past 39 weeks, which is when I could have chosen to have a C-section. Ha! So, I am trying to think of ideas. Here are a few: getting my nails done, family movie night, and getting a snow cone. I only need to come up with 11 more. Any ideas?

Have a great day!

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  1. Home stretch, sister. Home stretch! Savor these last few weeks of pregnancy, especially since it's new and unchartered territory for you. God be with you as you journey toward VBAC and all the delights that go along with this. Your little family is about to get even more awesome! Thinking of you!


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