Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Initation

Yesterday i feel like we initiated summer.

IMG 1311

We filled up the pool, or the “cool” as Ina likes to call it and I can’t stand to correct her.

We grilled dinner, and by we I mean Dan.

We ate popsicles before dinner which did not impact our appetite because water + sun = hungry. 

We went to bed exhausted from the sun.

That is the type of evening I would love to put on repeat. I mean really, sitting in a kiddie pool sipping on some iced lemon water is about as close to a beach and a Corona as a pregnant woman with a toddler and no vacation days gets. Although I can’t do much to entertain Ina these days, I can be the victim of splashes and poured cups of water, which she seems to love, so I predict we will be out there often for the next month. 

Speaking of being pregnant, I still am, obviously. I was pretty much convinced I would have this baby early, but now I know I am going past my due date. We had an ultrasound yesterday to get our weekly biophysical profile (BPP). Baby Gary passed with flying colors. The amniotic fluid is still low-normal, but stable, and she still showed every sign of being perfectly healthy. We were also able to get a pretty good look at her face and, let me tell you, this girl has some cheeks! 

I can’t wait to kiss them in real life. 

I hope you have a lovely Tuesday. <3

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