Monday, June 22, 2015

Ina is Back / Father's Day 2015 / I'm Not Cooking Anymore

How’s that for a title? 

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Good morning and Happy Monday!

I wake up every morning thinking, I might have a baby today. At 36 weeks and 2 days, I am just slightly optimistic. Today I even thought about Baby Gary’s potential birthday being 6/22 and Ina’s is 12/2 and how cool that would be because 6x2=12. 

Moving on.

Ina is back! I picked her up Saturday morning and immediately drove her to Dan’s work to meet him for lunch. 

IMG 1282

She seriously grew while she was gone and learned a thousand new phrases and facial expressions. It is just so nice to have her back again. 

Saturday night we watched fireworks from our back yard with a few special guests. Even though the fireworks were from our town’s community days event, Dan told Ina they were her “welcome home present.” 

IMG 1287

Although she was excited about the fireworks, she was mostly upset that I didn’t get her the right kind of popsicle. I suppose coming home from vacation is hard, regardless of how old you are. 

Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day by having the family over here for lunch. Dan was able to get the day off work last minute, which was great! We blew up the pool, put together a pasta bar, and relaxed the afternoon away.

IMG 1306

Ina didn’t take a nap, and I was pretty tired after such an eventful weekend, so after reading a few new library books, we went to bed before the sun did. 

I know I usually put my meal plans up on Sunday or Monday, but I don’t have one for this week. As far as most food is concerned, nothing sounds good enough to warrant me standing for 30 minutes to make it. I had a whole week planned out last week and didn’t cook one single meal. Dan has most of the week off work, so I am hoping to squeeze a turkey burger or two out of him. 

Dan gets to go with me to my ultrasound today and I can’t wait for him to see how much Baby Gary has grown!

Have a good week!

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  1. "I suppose coming home from vacation is hard, regardless of how old you are." <<-- Insightful!


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