Monday, June 1, 2015

I Just Sat There

Good morning and Happy Monday! I have a good feeling about this week. I think that is because yesterday I relaxed more than I have in a single day in years.

I didn't stay home all day - we went to church, then to the park to do the very important job of throwing rocks in the lake,

and then to a friend's birthday party (Happy Birthday Avery!)

where Ina climbed, bounced, and ran to her heart's content.

But after that, Ina and Dan took a nap and instead of my usual flight of the bumblebee during nap I just sat there. Then, when they woke up from their nap, I just sat there some more.

Then, when Dan took Ina to the park, I did chop up some vegetables (while sitting) for dinner (shrimp tacos), and then sat there some more.

Some Mondays I don't feel like I prepared for the week because I actually didn't do enough prep work over the weekend. However, maybe I always needed to do less and instead just relax on Sunday to prepare for the week? I'll let you know how this week goes. Ha!

Have a good one! <3

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