Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Well hello there. I hope things are great on your side of the internet. 

Things are pretty good over here, although Dan and I are going through some major Ina withdrawal. We talked to her last night and she sang us a song and we both almost melted. 

Even though I haven’t seen Ina, I did get to see Baby Gary yesterday. 

IMG 1267

Ultrasounds aren’t typical at 35.5 weeks pregnant, my mid-wife agreed to let me get one because of the weird circumstances with Ina’s birth. It was so fun to see a baby that big in my belly. Poor girl is pretty squished in there, but she was moving like crazy and even practicing her breathing by bringing fluid in and out of her lungs, which the ultrasound tech said was a great sign for a healthy baby. 

She also is head down (good girl), estimated to weigh 6.5 pounds already (which would put her at 9 pounds at 40 weeks), and her length is estimated in the 95th percentile. Yikes. Oh, and she is most definitely a she. Whew.

Everything with the ultrasound went great with one exception. My amniotic fluid was right on the lower end of normal. We will do another ultrasound next week and hope that the low fluid was just due to me not drinking enough water over the weekend and not due to some other complication. My midwife said that Baby Gary is perfectly healthy right now and she had no problem sending me home for another week. The fluid level is still normal, just low-normal, and we are being overly cautious. 

Until then I am going to be hydrating like crazy. If you see me and I do not have a glass of water in my hand, please slap me. 

Now that I know there is even a slight possibility we might be meeting Baby Gary next week, my to-do list seems to be hanging right in front of me all the time.

Yesterday I all but finished painting the nursery and nursery furniture.

IMG 1265

We are going with a dandelion theme with coral, aqua, and grey. Although it seems kind of random now, I hope it will all come together when the room is done.

IMG 1264

I also started washing everything in sight - car seat, rocker, bouncer, pump parts, etc. I don’t want to admit how long it took Dan and I to put all the pieces back on that carseat. 

IMG 1269

Oh, and I have relaxed a little too.

IMG 1270

Enjoying the luxury that is reading now while I have a chance. 

Have a great day!

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