Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What are the Rich People Doing?

My uncle has some pretty good sayings, One of my absolute favorites is when we are having a happy day or moment, he will lean back and say, “This is great. I wonder what the rich people are doing."

In other words, if I had all the money in the world, I would still be trying to do exactly what I am doing right now. 

Yesterday was one of the days, where that question kept popping in my head. We hadn’t had a family day in a long time and it was just perfect.

It started out with making pancakes (<---I will forever be in debt to my friend Chessa for sending me that recipe.) Then we went to my parents’ house to move an obnoxiously large TV into our not so large living room.

IMG 1084

(This was Ina showing me where she was going to ride on the way back to our house.)

Then we just happened to drive by our friends Aubrey and Eric’s parent’s house as they were walking outside with a box of balloons for a gender reveal. Not only did we find out they were having another girl (YAY!), we were able to stay for lunch - cheeseburgers (double YAY!).

We left there and drove 15 minutes to Longview Lake Marina. When Ina saw where we were going, she started bouncing in her carseat, yelling thank you’s, and squealing. 

IMG 1087

We fed fish and gave them water because apparently they didn’t have enough.

IMG 1091

We talked to ducks.

IMG 1095

We walked to the boat ramp and “swam."

IMG 1099

We did not ride in a boat, much to Ina’s dismay. “Hey, you! Don’t leave!” We want to ride with you!” and “Mom, go stand by them. Maybe they will let us borrow the boat."

We took the long way home and looked at houses and talked about the future.

We rested but did not nap, because apparently splashing and kicking for an hour does not make 2 year olds tired.

Dan made breakfast for dinner and then we set up our new-to-us TV with minimal arguing. 

We did nothing and everything and it was great. 

I wonder what the rich people did yesterday?

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