Friday, May 15, 2015

Warby Parker Glasses (Help?)

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Whew, last night was a rough one for me and Ina. She kept on whining/moaning “Momma, Momma” every few minutes until 2 am. I tried to coax her into telling me what was wrong or taking some ibuprofen, but she wasn’t having any of it. On top of my new cold and the finagling it takes to make my growing belly/back comfortable, let’s just say I am very thankful for my cup of coffee this morning.

On to something more positive. Have you heard of Warby Parker?

It is an online based glasses company that offers affordable options ($100 for frames + lenses). An added benefit is that they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need every time you purchase a pair. They also have excellent customer service that has helped to give me the information I need to submit a claim to my insurance company to get the $100 back. 

The glasses I wear now are WB and I bought them when I was pregnant with Ina and they are still going strong. Dan also recently ordered a pair from here and love them. 

So how do you buy glasses from a web-based company? It is pretty simple, actually. You go to their website, pick out 5 pairs of frames you want to test out, and they send you the frames within a few days. You try the frames on, decide which ones you like (if any) and send them back with their pre-paid packaging. 

IMG 1004

You are not obligated to pay anything if you don’t like their frames, and if you want to try on 5 more you are also more than welcome to - they have a lot of choose from. 

If you find the frames you want, you send them a valid RX, and your new glasses will be mailed to you in a few days!

I wasn’t going to post pictures of myself in the test frames after a long night of no sleep with unkempt hair and no make-up, but then I realized that this is the state I will likely be in whenever I do wear these glasses. So, here you go, we are keeping it real today.

Also, I apologize for my atrocious lack of selfie taking skills.

Bensen in Greystone -meh

IMG 0997

Arthur in green spruce- I love the green color

IMG 0998

Beckett in stripped evergreen - whoa

IMG 1002

Sims in coral - Dan likes these the best. I like the shape, I don’t know about the coral color. It might be a little outside of my comfort zone. Also, I think they look pretty similar to my current glasses.

IMG 1006

Vaughn in Eastern bluebird fade- I really like these because they are different, comfortable to wear (a wider frame), and I love the way the frames are two-toned (brown on the top and blue on the bottom). But, looking at the picture, they kind of make my eyes look small. 

IMG 1003

What do you think? Do you like any of them better than my current pair?

Thanks for the help and have a great weekend!

FYI-Warby Parker doesn’t know who I am or that I have a blog - I just really liked my experiences with them and wanted to spread the good word.


  1. The green ones suit you best! I like your current ones too. Good luck choosing!

  2. I like the coral-colored pair, but agree a different color would suit your skin tone better ......... Hugs


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