Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Things Ina Says Pregnancy Edition, Second Trimester

IMG 0340

Ina has had five babies in her tummy - all with different names: 

  1. Baby
  2. Pinkie
  3. Violet (her stuffed dog’s name)
  4. Scout (Gunner’s stuffed dog’s name)
  5. Quinn (her cousins’ baby cousin’s name)

"Ouch, my baby is kicking," while rubbing her belly.


Me: Ina, are you going to be a good big sister when Baby Gary gets here?

Ina: Hmmmm…well, maybe next time?


Ina: Momma, was I in your belly?

Me: Yes, you used to be in my belly, but now Baby Gary is.

Ina: Who is in my belly?

Me: Well, technically, there isn’t a baby in your belly

Ina: (falling to the floor dramatically) Noooo! I want a baby in my belly.


Lately, anytime Ina does anything good (i.e., goes potty, says please or thank you, gets in her carseat in less than 30 minutes) she says, “I am going to be a GOOD big sister!"


My favorite - randomly Ina will pronounce, “I LOVE BABY GARY” and hug and kiss my belly. 

I can’t (but also totally can) wait to see Ina as a big sister. 

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  1. Awww… She's really cute.
    I can just imagine the conversation when I see that picture of you and her. :)))


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