Monday, May 18, 2015

Things Ina Says: 2.5 years

I was driving her to daycare one morning, (silently) thinking about the next time I needed to pay Danielle.

Ina: Momma, give it to Danielle

Me: What honey?

Ina: Momma, you need to give the money to Danielle

Me: Creepy


In the shower, watching the water drain off her hair, “Momma, my hair is peeing!"


We were playing puzzles and Ina looks up at me and somberly says, "Momma, I don’t want you to get killed."

I looked at Dan and told him we needed to get my life insurance squared away. Also, i blame Disney.


Me: Ina, why are you in a bad mood?

Ina: I’m not in a mad mood, YOU are in a bad mood!


When Dan’s parents came over one day, after five minutes of them being in the house.

Mom, when are these people going to leave?


One morning we were discussing how God made people to look different. Different colors, shapes, sizes, etc. 

Me: See - God made you with blue eyes and blonde hair and me with brown eyes and brown hair.

Ina: Aw, your eyes and your hair match! Brown! And you have brown teeth!


While playing outside, she noticed some neighbor kids were playing in their back yard, not acknowledging us in any way, she yells, 

Hey! We don’t want to play with you!


Dan: Racheal, can you hand me the R-E-M-O-T-E?

Ina: No Momma, I want it!

Me: What do you want?

Ina: The L-M-N-O-P!


Danielle: Good morning Ina, how are you?

Ina: I’m still grumpy


Me: Ina, did you just toot? It stinks!

Ina: My toots and Daddy’s toots don’t stink. Momma’s toots stink.

Me: Excuse me! Who told you that?

Ina: Aumlette! (giggling)…..He can’t talk. 

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