Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Food and Fitness Plan [5/31]

Good morning!

It has been a while, eh? Friday morning no blog post was happening because Ina was awake at 6 am and in the mood to play in the kitchen. So, instead of pretending that the dirty dishes were full of “oatmeal” I decided we should bake some blueberry muffins. 

Morning hair don’t care. I love that she loves helping me in the kitchen and I hope that never changes. 

Friday night we made pizza using fresh oregano and basil from our garden and it was amazing. It is ridiculous how happy fresh herbs make me.

Saturday we worked and played and then had our friends Brad and Chessa and their son Silo over for dinner. We made chicken tikka masala.

The only work I did was make the chicken marinade.

The dads and the kids cooked while the moms talked and worked hard growing babies. Chessa is due a few weeks after me!

It worked out well. 

This week is going to be an intense work week for Dan, so I am planning to stick with some tried and true casseroles and easy dishes. Here is the plan: 

  • Sunday: shrimp tacos with cabbage slaw
  • Monday: Texas Hash with steamed broccoli 
  • Tuesday: roasted chicken with veggies
  • Wednesday: grilled steak, baked sweet potato, roasted broccoli
  • Thursday: leftovers
  • Friday: sour cream noodle bake with salad
  • Saturday: out to eat/something social
What are you up to? Have a great week! <3

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