Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

A few things I learned on Mother’s Day:

-Banana oatmeal pancakes taste extra good when there are a few egg shells added.

IMG 0982

-A shower with a toddler and a detachable shower head is less like a day at the spa and more like a nostril irrigation.

-I could not stay in the house any longer, 72 hours was my limit. Also, Sperrys that need to be exchanged, a Gap maternity store credit, and an Ina summer play clothes budget might actually burn a hole in my pocket. 

IMG 0985

-It is OK to take a sick toddler out in the world, as long as you are armed with a stroller that she cannot get out of, hand sanitizer, and the PBS kids app.

-Gap does not open until noon on Sundays, even though all the other stores on the plaza open at 11. 

IMG 0984

-H&M has a kids department that is extremely affordable. We had to get the hat - she touched it.

-I forgot what Gap smells like.

-I can successfully carry a sleeping baby out of the car, into the house, and add a diaper without waking her up.

-I can survive if I don’t tackle my to-do list during nap time and instead watch TV for two hours.

-Leftovers make the perfect Mother’s Day dinner when no one has to cook.

-Even on Mother’s Day, I can’t stay up late enough to watch the Royals win.

-Mother’s Day kind of feels like every other day.


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