Friday, May 8, 2015

Big (but sick) Girl

Happy Mother’s Day weekend! Any big plans to celebrate your favorite momma(s)?

Dan is working this weekend, but we aren’t going to let that hold us down and just might celebrate with our little family sometime next week. My siblings and I are celebrating with our mom on Saturday night. I am going to grill. Someone have the fire station on hold.

That is, if a certain little lady starts feeling better.

When I got home from work yesterday and had my usual Ina hug, I immediately noticed she felt warm, but didn’t think much of it since she was acting like her normal self. Then, a few hours later, she went down.

IMG 0946

She has been acting pretty puny ever since, moaning and whining all night long, but no other symptoms other than a fever and a stomach that hurts. 


We have the mixing bowl ready just in case.

But, before Ina went down, we had an exciting evening.

IMG 0944

Her big girl bed is ready and waiting for her to sleep in it. We had her all ready to try a night out, and then she got sick. Coincidence? 

Also, because this post isn’t radnom enough already, my new favorite lunch. 

IMG 0941

English cucumber and tarragon chicken salad (chicken, walnuts, grapes, a little mayo and vinegar, fresh tarragon, salt and pepper). 

You better believe those ingredients will be on the grocery list until mid-July. 

Have a great weekend! 

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