Tuesday, May 5, 2015

7 Months (Second Pregnancy Update)

Hello there, 3rd trimester.

IMG 0931

I was ridiculously excited to upgrade to rockstar parking at work for the next 3 months.

My belly is getting much bigger and people no longer act shocked when I tell them I am expecting. 

IMG 0866

(In my gardening clothes next to our lilac bush that I would sit next to and small all day long and iif it wasn’t for the two huge bees that guard it.)

Compared to Ina’s pregnancy:

The rest of the post will be random and in bullet format:

  • I have started to waddle, especially when I first stand up. Also, it is more comfortable to walk with my back bent backwards and my belly sticking out, so lately lots of people have asked me if I am OK. It must look more painful than it is. Ha!
  • I have made the decision to try a VBAC. I was back and forth on it for most of the pregnancy and after seeing the surgeon (and hearing the rare but still scary risks) I was pretty sure I was going to opt for a C-section. Then Dan and I talked seriously about the decision and prayed about it and I realized that I was just being scared and feeling a need to control a situation that is out of my control. So, I now have a completely confident feeling about trying a VBAC, but will take it as it comes and not be upset at all if I end up having to do another C-section.
  • Dan and I are back to not agreeing on a name. Sigh. Maybe when we see her we will know?
  • I haven’t exercised for a few weeks now, but am finding that gives me more energy to play with Ina at the end of the day. Yesterday we played in the back yard for over an hour after we got home.
  • I have been strongly craving three things: cucumbers, cheeseburgers, and lemonade iced tea. 
  • I sent in all the hospital paperwork yesterday but still need to make an appointment to “pre-admit.” Good times. I think I can opt out of the tour, as I got to intimately know that place last time.
  • My aunt is here this week and she is hoping to get started with painting the nursery. However, her time is in high demand, so it might not be until next month. I will just have to relax until then.
  • I ordered a pair of maternity yoga capris and maternity yoga shorts from Old Navy this week. I am pretty sure those are going to be my uniform for the next 3 months. Other than that I have about 6 outfits, which is a capsule wardrobe at its finest. Of course, Dan’s shirts and basketball shorts will supplement my choices.

Have a good day!


  1. Yay for VBACs. I had the same mindset as you (wanting to give it a shot but at peace with whatever might be necessary for a healthy/safe delivery). I am so glad I did it (twice, haha!). There is definitely an aspect to it that feels like surrendering control but at the same time it was immensely empowering, if that makes sense! I'm a control freak/perfectionist and giving birth was an exercise in surrender and humility, in a good way. Surround yourself with a good support team and you can't go wrong, whatever happens. :)


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