Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tax Day


IMG 0630

[Ina picked out her own outfit yesterday. She insisted that different patterns are in style, so I really couldn’t argue.]

Happy Tax Day! This pregnancy has made me much more organized and I finished my taxes in the beginning of February. However, although the state of MO has accepted my return, they have not given me my refund. I am sure they are looking at what I did through a magnifying glass. This is the first time I have done my own taxes since I had a big girl job, so of course I expect the auditors to show up any day now...

Until then I am still free to talk to you fine people. 

Yesterday was a great day. I worked from home and Dan and Ina were home in the morning, which presented some challenges, but they left to go on an adventure for the majority of the day and I was able to crank out some work. 

Side note: While we were all home, one of our friends who is starting a small business CAME TO OUR HOUSE to change the oil in both of our cars. You can’t beat that convenience and I somehow paid less than I do at Jiffy Lube, even though he assured us we were paying full price. If you live in South KC and are interested in this type of service, I will be happy to pass his info along.

After I closed up my computer I went on a 3 mile walk while chatting with my aunt about the nursery plans. I don’t think I have made any final decisions yet, but the three mile walk did go by surprisingly fast. 

I came home just in time to start dinner prep.

IMG 0643

We had some friends over for dinner and kept it simple. Grilled chicken thighs with this marinade, roasted green beans, and baked french fries (+mac and cheese for the kids + Blue Bell for dessert). We played outside until the sun went down.

My head hit the pillow so hard and I almost had a heart attack when the alarm went off this morning. Take that, pregnancy insomnia!

Have a great Wednesday!

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