Monday, April 20, 2015



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[Ina took her shoes off in the car so she could stick her foot out the window and “feel the air.” She is so my daughter.]

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday! Our’s was lovely - we saw a friend get baptized, came home to watch a crazy Royals game and get stuff done around the house, and then finished it up with the amazing fellowship that is our small group. 

I think nesting mode has kicked in all the way. My house is still mostly a crazy disaster, but it bothers me more than it used to. I have a very strong NEED to get things done and keep them organized. For example, I used to go to bed all the time with dirty dishes in the sink, knowing I would get to them in the morning. Now I can’t drag my tired body upstairs until I know they are all in the dishwasher and it is running.

Also, in the past two weeks I cleaned out the pantry and my bathroom, cleaned out my closet and Dan’s closet, and yesterday I cleaned out our carpet shampooer! Ha!

The nesting instinct never happened when I was pregnant with Ina, mostly because I thought I would have time to do everything that needed to be done on maternity leave. Now I know there is no possible way I will get anything done on maternity leave, so it must be done now. 

One of our biggest accomplishments was getting the nursery room ready to be taken over by nursery stuff and paint. It is now completely empty, with the exception of the pile of every article of clothing that Ina has outgrown in the closet.

IMG 0707

So, I guess I could be a little more organized. I have 3 more months for it to kick in all the way, huh?

Have a good day! 

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