Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Second Pregnancy: 6th month update

Good morning! How was the beginning of your week?

I hope it was better than mine. Monday morning, as I was anticipating going to opening day, I started to not feel so good. This turned into really not feeling good by about noon, and really, REALLY not feeling good by 3. So, i half-way watched the game from my couch, in between trips to the bathroom. 

I thought at first it was just some pregnancy hormone symptoms, but when I started to have a fever and chills, I knew I had some sort of bug. Yesterday, as the day progressed, I felt a little more human with each hour. 

I woke up this morning mostly back to my normal self, which I am so, so thankful for. You never appreciate how good you typically feel until you are sick and you long to just feel normal again. 

Yay for normal!

Time for a pregnancy update:

Holy moly my belly has grown.

IMG 0579

compared to me pregnant with Ina at 25 weeks

Yesterday I was having a hard time breathing, which scared me and had me Googling super crazy things, like “pulmonary hypertension during pregnancy.” Then, when I changed from my clothes into my pajamas, I realized the running shorts I was wearing may have been a little too tight around the belly. Only slightly embarrassing...

Other updates:

  • This baby is a mover and a shaker. Yesterday i was using my belly as a table (don’t judge) and she literally kicked the plate! It moved a few inches and Dan and I both started laughing. Dan has been able to feel her move for a few weeks now. I try to get Ina to hold her hand to my belly, but she either only holds it there for a few seconds and then pretends she felt something, or holds her hand to my chest and yells at the baby to kick.
  • With the exception of this week, I had been doing pretty good at getting in some exercise. I think I am going to give myself one more rest day and then head back to the pool tomorrow.
  • From the day we found out this baby was a girl, Dan and I haven’t been able to agree on one single name. That is, until two days ago, we have found THREE that we both like. Now if we can just convince Ina to not call this baby Gari…
  • I am feeling great, with the exception of my lovely varicose veins. I already have more than I did with Ina, and they hurt a lot worse than they did this early with her, although 25 weeks was when I stopped running because of them. Saturday I was on my feet most of the day, and on the way home from Dan’s birthday party I had to fight back tears because they hurt so bad. 
  • Sleep has still been pretty sporadic. I have a good night’s sleep once every 4 to 5 days. The rest are interrupted by Ina, getting up to empty my bladder, and not being able to support my belly just right. Even with the Snoogle, which I am so thankful for, sometimes I need an extra pillow shoved here or there. 
  • I think I have settled on a nursery color scheme - coral and aqua. What I can’t decide is if I want to make it more geometric and add add gold, or more nature-like. Either way I have a lot of furniture to move before we get to the painting stage. The men in my small group have no idea what fun is in store for them this weekend.
  • During my next appointment I get to meet with the surgeon who did my C-section and discuss the risks of attempting a VBAC. I am oddly looking forward to this appointment, mostly because I have never had the chance to truly thank him for saving Ina’s life. 
  • When I think about how long I have been pregnant, I feel like this pregnancy is almost over. BUT, then I think about how far I have to go - 13 weeks! Oh my.
I hope you have a blessed Wednesday! 


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  1. Congratulations! Will pray for you to have a safe and healthy remainder of your pregnancy and delivery!


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