Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Introducing: The Kendrick House B&B

I don’t think that I have ever shared this on the blog, but Dan and I have had a long time dream of opening a bed and breakfast in a tropical vacation destination (St. Thomas is our current choice). However, we have always known this dream would have to wait until we could comfortably afford to do so, like, when our children graduate from college.

However, a few weeks ago I was watching Dan host a group of guests at our house and I thought, Why wait?  He obviously has the knack for hosting and I can operate an Excel Spreadsheet. What else could we need? Also, our house has plenty of extra empty bedrooms and we could use all the practice we could get in preparation for the real deal. Additionally, while we are in the process of becoming debt free, any side income to offset our house payment would be greatly appreciated.

That night I talked it over with Dan and he immediately agreed. Thus, The Kendrick House Bed and Breakfast was born.

The Kendrick House

(Never mind the weeds and the car that appears to be broken down - those will hopefully be gone soon.)

Open only on the weekends (check-in on Friday afternoon and check-out Sunday morning), The Kendrick House offers everything a person could want while visiting Southern Kansas City.

You will be welcomed Friday afternoon with a fresh baked treat by Ina and myself. 

IMG 0420

(pants optional)

During the evening you are free to peruse the grounds, visit our wine cellar, or take advantage of Dan’s taxi service to the very close downtown Kansas City nightlife. 

Don’t stay out too late, because Dan will be up early cooking you something extra special for breakfast.


 (Please let us know of any dietary restrictions in advance.)

Choose from one of three rooms:

IMG 0409

The master, which, I admit, is technically our bedroom. However, we would be more than willing to sleep on the couch, in exchange for you coming to visit. 

The master is equipped with its own private balcony - well, only our neighbors could see you and its own bathroom. Ina might come visit you in the middle of the night, so don’t be alarmed if a little human crawls into your bed.

The Nook

The Nook: overlooking our suburban cul-de-sac, you will enjoy views of children playing basketball and the sunrise over the rest of our subdivision.

Note to those allergic to dogs - this is not the room for you.

The Basement

The Basement: the largest of the three bedrooms, guests who stay here will enjoy the privacy this room provides. Although this room has a large walk in shower in the bathroom attached, you will be able to hear us walking around the kitchen in the morning upstairs, so only stay here if you are an early riser. 

Traveling with a little one? No worries. Ina hasn’t slept in her crib in months, so it is always open. 

IMG 0410

We will soon be converting this to a twin bed, but the odds are that she won’t sleep in that either, so this would be a great place for your single friend along for the weekend

We would LOVE for you to come visit us! To check rates and availability, click here


  1. Good one! Actually, I can picture you guys in your retirement running a bed and breakfast and you tending to your garden...

    Too bad my in-laws in town or I would have considered the weekend of May 2nd to go see a Tigers-Royals game. HA! ;-)


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