Friday, April 24, 2015

Golden Corral

Good Friday morning! 

IMG 0767

The blue gummy bears match my eyes!

Yesterday was a fast day. I was in the office before the sun came up and cranked out some work while Dan and Ina had a daughter-daddy day at home. I pulled in the driveway in time to catch them finishing up their “chores."

IMG 0757

Now, Dan is typically a pretty good sport when it comes to eating the meals I choose for our family. He eats what he wants to for breakfast, lunch, before dinner, and after dinner snacks, but eats what I cook/plan for dinner without complaint, as long as it involves some type of meat. 

However, if it were up to him, I am sure our meals would be a little less green and have a little more gravy on them. Similar to our home cooked meals, Dan is pretty easy going about the restaurants we frequent, mostly not complaining about my requirement of gluten free options and vegetables as a side. 

But, every once in a while, he insists we go somewhere that I am not OK with. HIs most recent request is Golden Corral, where he has been begging me to go for the past month. I don’t know what it is about buffets, but they really gross me out, unless I am on a cruise ship. Ha!

I usually come up with some type of  excuse- we don’t have time or it isn’t in the budget, etc. But yesterday, when we had an evening without any plans ahead of us and an excess in our restaurant fund, I couldn’t say no anymore.

So, at 4:45 PM our family headed into the buffet. 

Dan was in gravy heaven.

IMG 0760

Ina was in chocolate fountain heaven.

I tolerated it, but didn’t eat much. I will say that the people working there and the other people in the restaurant were extremely nice and we had an overall enjoyable experience. 

Dan said that I failed in my food options and I was no longer invited to go with him and Ina to Golden Corral. Darn. :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! <3

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  1. Buffets usually gross me out, too! Totally get it. What's funny is that when I was growing up, my mom always liked going to Ponderosa when she was on weight watchers. There was a huge salad bar (much like a buffet) and she would order a lean steak and then get lots of salad and veggies at the salad bar. It was me who would go for the chocolate pudding. ;-)


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