Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dan's Birthday + My Food and Fitness Plan

First of all - Happy Easter!

IMG 0470

If no one has told you yet, Jesus loves you.

Yes you. If you want proof, look at the cross.

We went to my Grandma Beverly’s house to celebrate Easter yesterday morning. The kids had a blast. 

IMG 0468

Then,we celebrated Dan’s 30th birthday. First, we went go-kart racing.

IMG 0491

I considered hopping in the saddle, but was gently reminded that I am carrying a child and that wouldn’t be a great idea. 

IMG 0473

Oh yeah. I admit, it did look kind of jostling. So, I stayed and talked with friends and watched Ina play with the other kids at the bounce house.

IMG 0484

Then, we went out for pizza and watched Dan blow out what may have been more than 30 candles because the kids helped me put them on.

IMG 0489

We had a great turn out despite the holiday weekend, and Dan had the time of his life and felt truly loved all day. I am weird, and for silly reasons days like yesterday kind of stress me out, but seeing the smile on his face on the drive home made it all worth it. 

Here is my plan for this week:


  • Sunday: Easter - likely eating leftovers
  • Monday: OPENING DAY!!! Dan is going to grill chicken for lunch and I bought some peanuts to bring in the game, so hopefully that will tide us over.
  • Tuesday: roasted chicken thighs, potatoes and cabbage
  • Wednesday: Dan will be grilling
  • Thursday: Mexican stuffed sweet potatoes
  • Friday: cheeseburger salad 
  • Saturday: build your own pizza + salad


  • Sunday: rest
  • Monday: 750 meter swim
  • Tuesday: 3 mile walk
  • Wednesday: rest
  • Thursday: pre-natal pilates
  • Friday: 3 mile walk
  • Saturday: swim

What are you up to this week?

I hope you have a truly blessed Easter and take the time to be thankful for the greatest gift. <3

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