Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Good morning! 

Who pressed fast forward on this week? I seriously feel like someone snapped her fingers on Sunday night and all of a sudden it was Wednesday morning. 

I think I know who that someone is too.

Not much to report over here. Still pregnant. Still busy at work. Still bending the will that is my daughter. You know, the usual.

To keep things moving around here, I thought I would do a currently update:

Currently eating all the cucumbers. This craving is strong, and I recently made and devoured this Mediterranean quinoa salad - so good. 

Currently drinking coffee. For the first time in my life I bought a bag of whole bean coffee (on purpose) and have been grinding the beans in my blender. My blender’s days may be numbered, but my coffee has never tasted so good. 

Currently reading the bible. Due to my unplugged weekend, I am a few days behind on my daily readings and working hard to catch up. Also reading The Strong Willed Child when I have some down time.

Currently watching Royals baseball! I thought nothing could get more exciting than the World Series, but this season is proving to be a contender. Also kind of watching PBS kids, which is the newest app on my phone that Ina is loving. 

Currently happy that Dan shaved his beard! The side burns are still there, but no more scratchy kisses. 

Currentlly thankful to have the windows open, even if it means that I have to burrow under 3 blankets in the morning.

Currently listening to the birds chirp in the morning. LOVE!

Currently planning our furniture shuffle. Dan did a little bit of it on Monday and we are now officially in transition. So, if you come over to our house, you might have to sit on the floor. 

Currently researching sticker reward books. Buy one or make my own? Pinterest, here I come.

I hope you have a fantastic day!

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