Friday, March 27, 2015

Worth My Time?

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Yesterday I had the best intentions of working out, but instead came home and did nothing with Dan and Ina until bed time. I guess I can’t say we did absolutely nothing, but we didn’t do much, other than sit and talk and throw some tamales on the stove to steam.

IMG 0407

Served with a parmesan kale salad and avocado. 

Trader Joe’s sells fresh tamales now! These are the pork ones (they also sell chicken and vegetarian) and they were pretty good considering they came from a grocery store. Dan and I have dreams of making tamales, but I know it is a pretty tedious process and wonder if it is worth my time? Especially considering the fact that we have a decent size Hispanic community in the town we live in and if we bought them instead they would surely taste better and we would be stimulating the economy.

Other things I would love to do but wonder if they are worth my time:

  • Raise chickens (for fresh eggs). However, right now my father-in-law gets us eggs from him neighbor for a dollar a dozen! It is tough to beat that. 
  • Sew Ina and future baby clothes
  • Plant fruit trees at my grandparents’ farm
  • Yard work in general (I have seriously considered outsourcing this chore).

What about you?

Have a good weekend! 

1 comment:

  1. I think planting the fruit trees at the farm is an excellent idea. You will have your own fruit within 3-4 years. I would suggest peach, apple and cherry.

    Love you guys,
    A. Jerri


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