Friday, March 13, 2015

Perfecting + A Few Good Reads

Happy Friday morning to you!

IMG 0283

Ina is perfecting her outdoor yoga practice,

Dan is perfecting his buffalo chicken grilling skills,

IMG 0284

and I am perfecting the 3 mile walk.

IMG 0278

Things are good at our house!

We had our financial advisor over for dinner last night. Ina was more than happy to have a guest if it included free access to the hummus.

IMG 0282

I walked in from the living room and found her straddled over bowl going at it for all she was worth. I love that she loves veggies dipped in hummus. What I don’t love is that she also loves double, triple, and even quadruple dipping.


Speaking of perfection, I loved this article - The Kind of Perfect Worth Pursuing

A few other good reads as of late:

The Art of Moderation - what I am striving to reach, which is surprisingly easier when pregnant.

You’ll Always be My First - major water works over here

A Millennial’s Guide to Life Insurance - super informative 

Public School is Not Ruining My Kid - an interesting thought - Dan and I haven’t made the private versus public school decision quite yet.

What are you perfecting lately? Read anything good worth sharing?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for posting that link about Public schooling. The area we live in is very limited as far as school choices are concerned. Therefore my daughter has been in public school from the beginning. I sometimes feel guilty about not being able to homeschool her but that helps to put things in perspective. I really agree with everything the author said. Happy Friday!! Katie M


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