Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Good morning! I overslept due to some middle of the night insomnia, but woke up to birds chirping and Ina singing Tomorrow in her sleep. Always the optimist, that one.

IMG 0246

Speaking of optimism, I need a heafty dose or two. Last night, as I was making this one pot tuna and noodles dish for dinner, I continued to think that it would be horrible. Then, when I took a bite, I didn’t think anyone would eat it.

Boy was I wrong. Ina asked for more noodles THREE times and when she asked for more broccoli I almost fell out of my chair. Then, when I got home from my Daniel Plan study Dan proclaimed that dinner “was AMAZING!"

Seriously? All I did was boil some brown rice noodles and add two cans of tuna and steam some broccoli on the side. Who cares if I didn’t like it - that meal is going on repeat until this baby turns 1.

Other things to be optimistic about:

- The beautiful weather

- Dan being off work tomorrow and me sitting on the back patio while he grills

- Coffee

- The CostCo container of strawberries in my fridge

- The baby kicking all night long - although I couldn’t sleep I have to remind myself that kicking is a very good thing

- My planned walk today

What are your optimistic about today?


  1. Tuesdays are usually terrible for me (due to my husbands work and school schedule) and I got into a rut of just expecting Tuesdays to continue to be terrible. I decided this morning to pretend it was Monday, and it helped!

  2. The beautiful (and warm) weather we've been having is causing my optimism!! Bring on Spring!!!

  3. I love this list!

    We are having absolutely gorgeous weather. MN usually teases us that we start to think March is spring, but it is really more like April or May. (We even got snow in May before!) Then spring will last about a week and turn into summer.

    I am optimistic that this is a true spring for us this year for once.


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