Tuesday, March 3, 2015

One Tough Cookie

Yesterday was one of those days that made being a working mom very hard. 

Danielle called to tell me that Ina had fallen off a chair and bit her tongue and, “it was bad.” Hearing those words was hard, but hearing Ina cry in the background was worse. She was obviously in a lot of pain and I was a 30 minute drive away and could not comfort her. I wanted so bad to put my arms through the phone. Would someone please invent that technology?

This was the first time I have heard her (really) cry and not been able to do anything about it and I could barely contain myself. Danielle was staying calm, cool, and collected, and I was literally turning circles in my cube. 

Finally, I had enough sense to call Dan and tell him to get there as soon as possible and meet me at the hospital (right next to where I work) if she needed it. Then, I face timed Danielle, which I think helped both me and Ina calm down. She was still crying, but doing much better and mostly just catching her breath and the bleeding had slowed down. By the time Dan got there (like 10 minutes later), she was fine and didn’t even want to leave because they were making Cat in the Hat hats. (Isn’t Danielle the best?)

IMG 0129


That girl is one tough cookie, because I finally had the nerve to look at her tongue a few hours after I got home and the cut is deep, but in the middle, so  I am hoping it will heal quickly.  I told her she should be thankful for small teeth.

Nothing a popsicle and some ibuprofen can’t fix. I am still a little rattled and keep looking at her expecting something bad to happen. She isn’t phased and discovered she can climb on top of her (rounded top) toy box if she stands on it just so.

IMG 0127

(I was really trying for a hat picture.)

The thing is, this was just a bit tongue - what am I going to do if something worse happens? I think the solution is bubble wrap. Bubble wrap and lots of cuddles.

IMG 0134

Also, because this is a “running blog” I should tell you I ran yesterday! Well, um, jogged, for um, a few minutes. I did this treadmill workout 


 + 10 more minutes of walking to make it is 2 miles. It felt good to get those legs moving in the running motion, even if for a short period of time.

We also had these chicken fingers for dinner - so good!

Have a blessed day, with hopefully a full tongue!

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