Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Food and Fitness Plan [3/15]

Hey hey!

How is the weekend going so far?

Ours has been pretty chill. We watched The Sandlot on Friday night and then yesterday worked, ran some, errands (had another horrible library experience), and napped before heading to our town’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. 

IMG 0302

My friend Liz invited us to ride on her family’s float.

IMG 0307

Ina didn’t really get the concept of throwing candy until the end, however, she really liked the idea of eating candy.

IMG 0314

I thought she would be up all night with a sugar high, but the poor girl crashed without reading any books within seconds of lying in bed. Apparently parades + sunshine can wear a girl out.

Here is my plan for the week:


  • Sunday: small group - someone else is making dinner
  • Monday: Dan grill meat + asparagus; bake sweet potatoes [this is going to be my summer go-to meal]
  • Tuesday: smoked corned beef with cabbage and potatoes
  • Wednesday: slow cooker enchilada chicken with polenta and broccoli
  • Thursday: white chicken chili with kale added
  • Friday: out of town
  • Saturday: out of town


  • Sunday: 3 mile walk
  • Monday: 2-3 mile walk
  • Tuesday: rest
  • Wednesday: pre-natal pilates
  • Thursday: pre-natal tabata + strength 
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: rest

What are you up to? Thanks to Mommy, Run Fast for hosting the link-up!


  1. I've never done corn beef and cabbage but we've had it out a few times and it was really yummy! Adorable parade pictures. :)

  2. I just saw corn beef in the store and I almost bought it. Never made corn beef and cabbage before. Sounds good!


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