Monday, March 9, 2015

How We SPRING Forward

Good morning and Happy Monday!

IMG 0226

Yesterday was an excellent day, so wonderful in fact that I almost didn’t miss that extra hour of sleep.


Ina, on the other hand, missed it quite a bit and refused to wake up for church, which caused us to be 10 minutes late.

Church was wonderful. We missed last week due to the snow, so I left feeling refreshed and extra ready to tackle this week.

IMG 0241

After church we drove down to my grandparents’ farm for a little bon-fire. 

IMG 0231

Side note: when I was in 5th grade I sent out my own birthday invitations for a “bomb-fire.” I have never been a great speller.

IMG 0221

Hi piggie!

IMG 0234

We met our family and had a blast eating, talking, and crying. Poor Ina still hadn’t really adjusted to the lack of sleep and was in a mood off and on.

IMG 0238

After the food was gone and the bubbles were dumped, Ina and I drove our smoke and dirt covered bodies back home just in time to nap, shower, and welcome Dan’s dad, step-mom, sister, her boyfriend, and grandma over for dinner.

My phone was in picture fatigue by then, but we enjoyed the great food and company. Dan grilled buffalo chicken and once everyone got over the spicy factor the platter emptied quickly.

Ina made sure to entertain us all by jumping and launching her body in every direction. When they went to leave Ina kept on asking, “You are leaving? Why?"

Have an excellent week!

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  1. Looks like fun! My friends and I call bon fires "bomb fires" because we usually have to start them with gasoline. :)


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