Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another Beautiful Day


IMG 0350

We left all the windows open last night and the temperature dropped from 70* to 45*, so I am wrapped in a blanket and trying to drink my iced coffee while keeping my teeth from chattering.

However, instead of talking about how cold it is today, let’s talk about how beautiful it was yesterday.

IMG 0336

Ina and I are ready for spring!

I went on a 3 mile walk,

IMG 0356

and then came home to help Dan cook dinner and watch Ina play outside.


A video posted by Racheal (@runningwithrach) onMar 17, 2015 at 5:27am PDT

And by “help Dan cook” I mean I snapped the ends off the asparagus, threw some sweet potatoes in the oven, and then propped my feet up while Ina played and Dan grilled pork chops and the asparagus.

IMG 0367

Single ladies - make sure to add “grilling skills” to your pros checklist. Trust me.

Half-way through dinner I remembered that we were eating at our last Daniel Plan meeting, so I saved the rest for lunch today. Speaking of my last Daniel Plan meeting - I am sad our group is already over. 

I left feeling so energized and motivated that I could not sleep last night. Or maybe it was the pregnancy hormones? Regardless, I might need to find some toothpicks this afternoon. 

I hope you have a great day!


  1. How old is Ina? She is adorable. My daughter turns 2 months on Saturday. I can't believe it!

    1. Hi Kay! Ina is 2.25 going on 25. Ha! :)

      Two years does go by fast, huh?


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