Monday, March 30, 2015

An Ode to Ina's Box

Ina’s box was a special part of our family.

I can remember the day the FedEx guy delivered it, full of diapers, toliet paper, and wipes. That day seems so long ago now.

IMG 8979

After I emptied it, Ina immediately climbed inside, and from that moment on the box was her’s.

IMG 0213

That box entertained Ina for hours, holding her most prized possessions.

IMG 9791

It saved me during many an early meeting when I needed something to keep Ina busy for 10 minutes.

IMG 9847

It helped to teach Ina her colors,

IMG 0105

the difference between a mean and nice kitty cat,

IMG 0104

and how to spell her name.

However, yesterday, the box went down a hero. I am sure that is the way the box would have wanted it. It was just that kind of box.

I will forever be grateful to the box for protecting our carpet from Ina’s bodily fluids and will forever regret the decision to not put a diaper on Ina when she was sick.

So this morning, as a drag it out to the curb (I’m truly sorry Mr. Trashman), I will have a moment of silence in remembrance of Ina’s box.

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  1. Have you heard the song Blue by Beyonce? It's such a sweet song about her daughter and I thought of your blog when you dedicate songs to Ina.


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