Thursday, March 26, 2015

Although...Thankful Thursday

Good morning! The weekend is so close, but I have a few days of a lot of work to do before then, so let’s get it it!

Yesterday was kind of an off day, but instead of being down about it, let’s find some things to be thankful for.

Although my dryer ate my two maternity tank tops (which I planned to wear everyday for the rest of the pregnancy), I am thankful it left enough strap to tie back together. 

IMG 0402

I will just have bumpy shoulders.

Although Ina didn’t have anything covering her feet yesterday, I am thankful for these princess shoes and their aide in helping us get out of the house with less arguments. 

IMG 0405

Although Dan was in the wrong building, in the wrong women’s health office across the street when my ultrasound started and he couldn’t see the baby in person, I am thankful that the baby is healthy and growing strong and is for sure a girl! Poor Dan was searching for me and couldn’t find me and I kept on telling him to go in the back door and I am afraid the other office almost called security on him. Ha! Although he missed seeing the baby, he was thankful to get a chance to talk to our midwife one more time. We both absolutely love her.

Although Dan doesn’t have technology conquered quite yet, I am thankful that he is at least texting. (We were arguing over how much blow money he had left this month and he won.)

IMG 0406

I am thankful that Dan made dinner last night - meatloaf, green beans, and mashed potatoes - our favorite comfort meal. (There is no “although” to that one!)

Although I couldn’t sleep for hours last night, I am thankful that once I went downstairs and had a little snack, I finally fell asleep. I have never been a midnight snack person, and I hope it doesn’t start now, but I was just so hungry at 3 am. Ha!

What are you thankful for? Any “although”s?

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