Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Sun Woke Me Up

Good morning! 

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday! The sun woke me up the past two mornings, which means I really overslept. I usually don’t set an alarm for myself and wake up on my own around 5, but with Baby Gary tapping into my energy sources, I might start sleeping until noon.

The rest of the post will be in bullet format because I have negative time to write it. 

-I walked two miles on the treadmill. I will maintain that walking (fastish) on the treadmill makes me more sore than jogging. Anyone else?

-Yesterday was a “rest day,” but Danielle was sick so Ina stayed home with me and I carried her up and down the stairs at least 20 times and chased her around the house, all while taking meetings and working, so by the time Dan walked in the door I was beat.

-A few great recipes I have made: 

-Ina has perfected the selfie at a young age. 

IMG 9968

We take pictures to send to Dan while he is working. Yesterday she told me, “I love you Mom. But, I love Dad best.” Ha!

IMG 9969

-We started our next Daniel Plan study at church on Monday night! I am really pumped about this new group and can’t wait to see the changes this study makes in their lives. I plan to join them in the detox in a few weeks (which is fine while pregnant), so expect a post about my thoughts "on the plan" a year later. 

-We find out Baby Gary’s gender in two weeks, so until then I am rounding up all the supplies that have dispersed their way around the house. Ina found my pump, took all the pieces out, and said, “Momma, I am going to build you a tower."

IMG 9980

And then she started breathing through the pieces like her nebulizer. I hope she forgets that experience when she finds out its intended use.

Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. I think you are sore because you aren't used to it. Your body is using some different muscles!

    And can Ina get any more adorable?!

    I keep seeing that picadillo come up in your posts. I really need to make that.


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