Monday, February 16, 2015

If You Want To...

If you want to feel really guilting about spending $8, you should give into your toddler who is begging for a piece of beautifully displayed chocolate cake while waiting for a table at The Cheesecake Factory and buy an $8 piece of cake. (Seriously, $8?) Then, when you get home, try to feed it to your daughter, who takes one look and says, “I don’t like that.” You aren’t going to force her to eat it (because who forces a kid to eat cake?) and you don’t eat gluten (most of the time) so you don’t eat it. Instead, it just sits in your fridge, very pretty and mocking you every time you open the door, saying, “You spent $8 of your blow money on me. Muahahaha."

If you want to want to complain about carelessly spending $8, you should start a budget. (Obviously there are better reasons to start a budget.)

If you want to skip water aerobics in the morning, you should pray for it to snow. We got 3 to 4 inches last night, which was enough for me to roll over in bed and keep on sleeping instead of changing into my swimsuit. It looks like I have a date with the treadmill later on today.

If you want to set your soul free, you should check out my church. Seriously, this weekend’s worship was AMAZING. The energy was palpable. I want to drag every person I know in there for a few of our songs. 

If you want to have your daughter eat only candy for lunch, you should take her to my grandparent’s church’s lunch function. In the time it took me to take off my coat, run to the bathroom, and grab us some food, Ina had already collected more candy than most trick-or-treaters. I felt successful getting one bit of meatloaf and a spoonful of corn into her chocolate covered mouth. 

If you want to feel like your house is bursting at the seams with love and friendship, you should start a small group. Last night we had the majority of the group there, and it was so, so lovely. 

That’s all I have for today. I hope your week starts out with a bang!

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