Monday, February 2, 2015

Confessions from the Weekend


A few things I need to confess from the weekend:

-I was really, really excited when I discovered that I could download all of my transactions from the month of January from my credit card and bank accounts into an Excel spreadsheet. I am in sort, filter, and formula heaven. 

-Dan just started his new 12 hour shift schedule, and this was his first weekend. I set the alarm, like usual, but we overslept because my alarm was set to weekdays only. Thankfully Dan woke up on his own at 5:08 am, so he was only 15ish minutes late for work. Whew.

-I ate two of these cookies for breakfast on Saturday morning. Gluten free or not, those cookies are amazing and you should make them as soon as you find someone to share them with.

 (image source)

 -I ate the cookies while driving in my PJ’s to Wal-Mart to buy Dan two bags of Fritos to take to his work, because he volunteered to take them, but then overslept my alarm. There are some interesting sights at WalMart at 6 am. I am sure me in my PJs holding two bags of chips was one of them.

-I returned library books on Saturday that we had checked out since before Thanksgiving. Ina is really going to wonder where those went.

-I became dehydrated from dinosaur crying while watching the series finale of Parenthood. I am so sad it is over, but I am so happy that I watched it.

 (image source)

 -I have been bribing Ina to take her medicine with Skittles. Judge away. The other night she must have “saved” one in her pajamas, and it found its way to her warm foot and melted.

IMG 9923

-During Ina’s nap I prepped an art project for her and had more fun than an adult with an exacto knife and sharpie should.

IMG 9922

-I ate gluten-ified pizza during the super bowl and have had a headache since. Lesson learned.

Here’s to a great week ahead!


  1. Oh my goodness. Okay, three things. 1. I am so in love with Ina. 2. I keep forgetting your pregnant, so I'm like...."who's Gary?" 3. That Final episode of Parenthood was done so well. I loved at the end when they went into everyone's future a little, but I was an absolute MESS!! :)

    1. I know it ended perfectly, didn't it?

      You are not the only one - I also forget I am pregnant all the time, but remember everyday when I put my pants on. Time to bust out the maternity clothes! :)

  2. Dinosaur Crying - Love it! (Not the fact that you were crying, though..)


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