Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I have a slightly addictive nature to books. When I start reading one, I don’t want to do anything else until I find out what happens. 

I mean, anything else, like, for instance, write this blog post, or play with Ina, or look at Dan, or eat anything that requires my focus to be away from the words. Before Ina was born, this was not really a big deal, but now my time is a little more in demand. This is why I haven’t really read much since she arrived, I am almost afraid to. 

However, I needed some treadmill entertainment, so I downloaded a light read book, thinking I would only read it while on the treadmill. That lasted for a day before I read a few chapters before bed, and then when I woke up, and then, “Sure, Ina, you can watch Mickey Mouse while I sit next to you…"

It is a very slippery slope. 

I love to read, and I don’t think that I necessarily need to give up my hobby completely, just because I am a mom. BUT, I do think I need to be more strict with myself about when I can read. 

I just want to know what happens next...

All of that was to explain why I have absolutely nothing to write about today, because all I have been thinking about is the book I am reading. 

But, of course, I have a few things:

IMG 0024


IMG 0025

[The lack of gloves was not my choice.]

-I walked 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday. The time flew by thanks to my book. 

-Dan made us beef stew in the pressure cooker for dinner. (Have I mentioned I love his new work schedule?)

-Daniel Plan week 2 was a success! We start the detox next week. 

Have a lovely day! <3


  1. I'm the same with books too, and I also mourn them when done if they are really good.


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