Friday, February 6, 2015

17 Week Thoughts

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Doing anything fun this weekend? Dan has the weekend off work, so we plan to enjoy some family time. 

Before I get into the pregnancy talk, I have to tell you about our trip to the library last night. Ina did pretty well while we were looking at the books and playing with the puzzles and kept her voice down and shelf banging to a minimum. Then, I had the genius idea of letting her hold the library card while we waited to check out. She stood right next to me while the people in front of us were arguing over a late fee, but when it was our turn to check out and the librarian asked for the card, Ina wanted to walk behind the counter to hand it to her.

The librarian thought this was cute, so I allowed it. As soon as she scanned our card she was telling me about the $35 in late fees we have (completely my fault) when the woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to Ina, who was climbing in the return bins behind the counter. I went back there to get her and decided to take a picture, because these moments need to be captured.

IMG 9943

Then I heard a very upset, “CAN I HELP YOU??” I turned to see a different librarian, who did not think that Ina was cute. She also did not think that me taking pictures of Ina misbehaving was cute. I am really glad she didn’t know that I have a $35 bill. 

I rarely make people upset, at least that I know about, so of course I felt like I was back in Kindergarten and getting yelled at by the librarian. Ina and I walked out the door with our tails between our legs and 15 new library books, which we will be returning on time, if not early. 

Now onto the pregnancy update.

IMG 9949

Yesterday, as I was staring at my closet, willing something that would look nice to jump out at me, I gave up and grabbed the pile of maternity clothes from the top shelf. With Ina’s pregnancy, I waited until I was 19 weeks to wear maternity clothes and regretted it because they felt so nice. Here I am in the same outfit 4 days before Ina was born.


I feel like those bellies are almost the same size with a 20 week difference?! Yikes!

In general, I feel great. I am sleeping well thanks to my “Handy-Came” (aka Snoogle). My energy is back, but I still want to go to sleep at 8-ish every night. 

I thought I felt the baby move pretty early in my pregnancy, but I am not sure, because the last few weeks I did’t feel a thing. My mid-wife told me that the placenta is between my baby and my belly, which might be why. However, Baby Gary must have loved the freedom of maternity clothes, because he/she was moving and shaking all day long yesterday. Feeling the baby move makes me “feel” like I am pregnant so much more and I love it. (I felt Ina move at 18ish weeks, so this is right on.)

I have been trying to stay active, clocking in 4 workouts per week - usually 1-2 swims, 1-2  walk/runs, and then some type of strength or stretching. However, little things are starting to make me tired. Yesterday I carried Ina up the stairs and had to sit down on the bed once we got to the top because I was dizzy and out of breath. Maybe I should do that 10 times a day and call it a work-out. 

IMG 9944

My eating has been decent, much better than Ina’s pregnancy. I don’t have any weird cravings, just the normal ice cream after dinner, which is more me than the baby. But, I have been struggling with staying hydrated. I am drinking a lot of water during the day, but at home I don’t feel like drinking anything. I can tell I am not hydrated enough because my skin is super dry and when I do start drinking water I feel like I have to chug it. Hopefully this will be better once the warmer weather moves in.

Speaking of warmer weather, we are looking forward to 70 degrees on Saturday! Hopefully we will get a chance to enjoy that sunshine! 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Can I ask what you've cooked in that photo above? Well, do you have a recipe or what you threw together?

  2. Yes! It was a Korean beef bowl with broccoli added in -

    So good and so easy - I need to try to find a better sub for brown sugar next time - maybe honey?

  3. I have the same struggle with water!! At work, I drink like a champ. I have a cube job so I sit on my behind a lot so getting up to get water is a good excuse to move around. When I get home, I drink nothing. It is weird. Let's do better this weekend. K? :)

  4. Wow I'm as big as you are at 14 weeks with triplets. Ha

  5. NOOOOOOOOOO! I am so disappointed in this! Please take an apology from a fellow librarian that we aren't all a bunch of grumps!


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