Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Things Ina Says: Pregnancy Edition

Me (telling people I am pregnant): I’m pregnant

Ina (squealing): A PRESENT!!!  

This was right about her birthday and she was incredibly confused. But, then again, maybe not?


Me: Ina, do you want a baby brother or baby sister?

Ina: a PINK baby!

This answer has stayed consistent for about 3 months


In the middle of the night, she sat straight up in bed

Ina: Momma, the baby is your belly is me?

Me: Yes, honey, you used to be in my belly, but now there is another baby is my belly.



Ina: I tell your baby no.  NO BABY!  (screaming at my stomach)


I was tickling Ina on her stomach and she said, Momma, be gentle! There is a baby in my belly! Her name is Violet.


Every night we pray and Ina says what she is thankful for.  First were the usuals - Thank you God for cheese sticks and cottage cheese.  

But then - Thank you God for Baby Gary. 

She must be pretty excited about this baby, because nothing tops cheese in that girl’s world.


IMG 9829

Momma, here is your handy-came!

She calls candy canes “handy-cames” and that is what she calls my Snoogle pillow, which tries to steal from me every night.


(Groaning) The baby in my belly is getting bigger!


Ina: Mommy and Daddy have a pink baby. Mommy and Daddy were bad.

As told by Danielle’s husband Kyle.  Ha!


  1. My three year old was fascinated with the baby growing in my tummy. He always asked if he could kiss the baby (kiss my tummy) and constantly asked why it was taking his sister so long to leave my belly and join us in the real world. Even now, with his sister about to turn two months old, I don't know that he is too jazzed about his sibling...after all she doesn't do much but lay there right now.


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