Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Phases of a Toddler on Albuterol

Ina is still sick - it seems she is getting worse.


But, instead of complaining about that, let’s talk about how funny a toddler is after an albuterol breathing treatment.

IMG 9877

Albuterol is meant to work on the lungs, but also gets absorbed systemically and causes increased heart rate and an overall “jittery” feeling. Watching Ina breath the stuff in was hilarious, and she had many phases, which repeated each time she did a treatment yesterday:

1. The “I love everyone” phase. 

IMG 9881

At first she fought the mask, but as soon as she took a few breaths, a look of calm spread over her face, and she only wanted to take the mask off to smile at me or kiss me, which happened about 10 times during her 15 minute treatment.

2. The hulk phase.

Ina almost jumped off the table at the doctor’s after it was done, and she couldn’t sit still.  She walked around, picking up one thing and quickly dropping it to pick up the next. At one point, she even jammed her fists in the air, squeezed her whole body, gritted her teeth, and “vibrated” to get the energy out.

3. The loud drunk phase.

After the doctor’s office, we had to go to the grocery store pharmacy to pick up more breathing treatments.  As we were walking in, she kept on YELLING, “We are in the pharmacy!’ 

Seriously, the lovely people behind the counter (who I worked with for years) looked scared. As we were waiting I tried to entertain her by walking around the aisles and she would yell out random things like, “Monkeys go MOO!” (which she knows they don’t) and then would laugh.  Or she would see an allergy medicine bottle and go, “Wow, I LOVE that!"

When we finally got her prescription (they got us out of there in record time), she grabbed the bag from me and yelled, “This is the medicine for my mouth!” and then pointed to a nice gentleman waiting in line and said, “and his mouth too!"

4. The coming down phase

After about 30 minutes, this effect seems to wear off and we are back where we started.

IMG 9879

Poor, sad, little Ina.

When I was taking this picture, I told her to say cheese and she said, “that is too much for me right now."

Last night she woke up pretty upset with a temp of 102.2.  Healing prayers would be very much appreciated today.


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  1. Prayers for poor little medicated Ina. Hope she's better soon ♡


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