Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Good morning! I hope your week has been good//productive/insightful so far.

IMG 9849

Ours has been interesting. We broke out the big guns last night when Danielle and Kyle let us borrow their electric snake. Although it made lots of noise and moved around a ton, a clog remains in our sink.

IMG 9850

Whomp, whomp. Dan said that it feels like something is grabbing the head of the snake, so I am pretty sure a mongoose is stuck in our pipes. NBD.

BUT, I am thankful that Papa Gordon had the patience and knowledge to help Dan through this process, because it was likely best I wasn’t the one pressing the button. I am also thankful that we planned to stick a larger chunk of money in savings this month.  It is almost like we knew we were going to have a $$$ plumber’s bill.

OK, who is sick of reading about my sink?  Other things I am thankful for:

-Prenatal pilates. Danielle let me borrow her DVD and I love the workouts so far, especially the stretches.  They feel so good!

-Large boxes

IMG 9847

-Piggy back rides

IMG 9854

- This “letter.”  I think I started crying two paragraphs in and was full out sobbing by the time I was finished. 

-My new casserole dishes I received for Christmas- they are especially beautiful with sour cream noodle bake inside (served with roasted green beans and a kale salad)

IMG 9851

-Good news for Dan’s job. He found out this week he is 95% likely to be put on day shift, and we originally thought he would have to start out on nights for a year or so. This news is a huge blessing and answered my daily prayers of not having to be alone at night with a baby and a toddler.

What are you thankful for?

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