Friday, January 16, 2015

Reading, Wearing, Watching, Listening, and Eating

Good morning!  

I am here, live from Sickville, where people won’t stop getting sick. Poor Ina still has a fever and got sick a few times yesterday. Instead of focusing on what lies ahead of me today (please God, don’t let me get sick again), I thought I would answer a few questions that I saw on Gina’s site

Reading: the Bible.  Between my #SheReadsTruth bible in a year and my small group reading Ephesians, I am studying scripture twice a day.  I also have a few books on my reading list that I will get to in three years: Love Does, Unbroken, and Carry On, Warrior

Wearing: not maternity clothes.  Yet.  Last time I waited until 19 weeks, and this time I think I will last until maybe 15 weeks. I am going to try to build a capsule wardrobe, and thinking about posting my attempt here. I know you can’t wait.

Watching: Parenthood (why, oh why, are you ending?) and Downton Abbey. Also lots of NBA basketball, which I am not that thrilled about. I keep telling myself that it is only 3.5 months until baseball season.

Listening: I can’t really think of anything I listen to, other than Ina singing songs. Current favorites are Five Little Speckled Frogs and Six Little Ducks. I have been in the habit lately of driving to and from work in silence.  Beautiful silence.

Eating: Last night we threw some frozen chicken breasts, a few peeled potatoes, and a bottle of Italian dressing into the pressure cooker and in 30 minutes we had an amazing dinner.  Oh pressure cooker, I love you.

Right now I am drinking my morning cup of coffee with a splash of Ina’s whole milk in it (so creamy!). My in-laws made these brownies last night. There is one left.  Someone tell me not to eat it for breakfast.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm doing #shereadstruth too after I saw you post about it, having it on my phone makes it so easy to keep up! I'm so in awe of capsule wardrobes, but I don't know if I'm brave enough to try one

    1. Yay! So glad you are joining in! I know, I have never been so good about reading the bible daily, so this has helped me a lot.

      I am not brave enough to try one either, but with maternity clothes, you pretty much make a capsule wardrobe regardless, due to budget limitations. I figure if I can do it while I am prego, I can do it later too. I will let you know. Ha! Have a good week!


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