Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On the mend?

We slept through the night last night! 

IMG 9884

I hope this means that Ina is on the mend, because poor girl had a rough day yesterday. That isn’t to say that we didn’t have fun.

IMG 9890

When the ibuprofen is working, she acts and feels great, but the second that baby wears off, she is so sad again. Thankfully, my mom came by yesterday so I could make a CVS run to stock up on the liquid gold. According to her doctor (who I called again yesterday), this fever can last up to 7 days!

Regardless, Dan is off work today, so I am tapping out and he is taking over. After 3 days, I may have forgotten what the real world looks like. Has anything changed?

IMG 9882

Side note: I am so thankful I made quinoa, spinach, Greek yogurt, and bean muffins on Sunday. They have sustained me over the past few days, when I didn’t really have time to cook breakfast or lunch. The ingredient combo sounded weird, but nutritious, so I gave them a try and I love them (especially with hot sauce). 

I am praying that Ina feels well enough today to go outside and enjoy the 70 degree forecast!

I am off to a water aerobics class. Have a wonderful day!

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