Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Did and I Didn't

Yesterday was kind of a different day. It didn’t go as planned, but it was nice.

I didn’t work on any of my own projects at work.

I didn’t exercise (that was planned).

I didn’t cook dinner.

I didn’t really sit up after I got home, I was too tried.

I most definitely did not work on un-clogging my sink drain. The clog will still be there today.

BUT, I did do a few other things.

I helped another scientist with an interesting project.

I went with Dan and Ina to the park and mostly sat and laughed at them playing. (Dan came home from work 20 minutes before sunset and begged to go to the park. I wasted to stay horizontal for the rest of the nights, but couldn’t say no to his excited-ness.)

IMG 9833

I put together Ina’s alpha-gator puzzle approximately 6 times. That puzzle is seriously a life saver and has taught her the entire alphabet. 

IMG 9834

I happily munched on Chipotle for dinner, that Dan sweetly picked up.

IMG 9839

I went to bed with Ina at 7 and watched Lilo and Stitch before dozing off to sleep.

I thought that fatigue was supposed to disappear when the second trimester started, but mine is just getting worse. However, when I look back at Ina’s pregnancy, I don’t think I stayed up past 7 once in weeks 14 and 15, so maybe this is typical for me. 

Here’s to more energy today! <3

I hope you have a blessed day!

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