Sunday, January 4, 2015

Food and Fitness (12/4] + Weekend Highlights

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

Last night Dan and I decided that we really enjoy the new life we have created for ourselves.  We used to head to the airport at least two weekends out of the month for some quick weekend getaway.  Now, we mostly sit around the house and rely on Ina to entertain us.  Now is much better, especially when Pad Thai is involved.  


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That combo of flavors will never get old.

Saturday morning we headed to the community center for a little family swim.  

IMG 9699

Ina LOVED it and didn’t want to get out, even though her lips were completely purple and she couldn’t stop shivering.  My workout was some walking some laps against the lazy river and my legs are sore today.  I think we have a new Saturday morning family tradition.  

While Dan and Ina napped, I binge listened to Serial (only two episodes left!), and then headed out for some grocery shopping and errand running.  This is the second Saturday night in a row I have spent grocery shopping and I have to be honest and say that I really like it.  Ina saw Aldi out the car window and said, 

“Hey mom, there’s Aldi.  We live there.”  

IMG 9707

Sadly, not all of our groceries made it into the house.  

Another weekend low was that my treadmill is officially broken.  It was a little broke, as in I could use it but it might not have been safe.  However, now it is really broken.  So, if anyone knows of someone in the KC area who wants to give away or cheaply sell a treadmill, please send him/her my way!

Until then, as it is super cold outside, my workouts may change up a bit.  Here is my plan for this week:



I hope you have a fantastic week!

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