Monday, January 26, 2015

Another Sick Day

Poor Ina is sick again. 


A photo posted by Racheal (@runningwithrach) onJan 25, 2015 at 2:45pm PST

On the way home from church yesterday she told me she was cold, so I took her temperature when walked in the door and it was high. I am starting to think our thermometer is broken, because every time I take her temperature, the reading is over 100*. However, when I took mine it read 98.7, so I suppose it works.  

We had to cancel small group last night (I just hate doing that!) and stayed around the house all day yesterday. Along with her fever came some pretty bad congestion and cough, which kept us up a good part of the night last night.

To end on a positive note: I am thankful for ibuprofen and that our sometimes-works-humidifier decided to work last night. I am so thankful I have a job I can work from home. I am also thankful for our DVR full of Mickey Mouse and Veggie Tails to entertain my daughter while I work from home. I am thankful I went grocery shopping Saturday, so I have absolutely no reason to leave the house, except for maybe an afternoon walk after Ina gets miraculously better?

Is that too much to ask?

I am praying that your Monday starts out great!

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