Monday, January 19, 2015

A "Glamorous" Day

Good morning! 

I hope your weekend was fantastic! Here in KC, our heat wave is continuing and I couldn’t be more pleased.

My day was pretty glamorous yesterday.

First, we went to church. Nothing too crazy to report there, except that we took a new friend with us, which is always exciting.

Then, I took Ina grocery shopping at Aldi, where I spent most of the time trying to bribe her to stay in the cart and not yell, “POOP!” 

After lunch, Danielle and I went on a beautiful run/walk (but mostly run!) around the lake that was still frozen over even though I was wearing a t-shirt and capris.  

IMG 9819

Next comes the glamorous part - when Dan and I spent the next few hours trying to unclog our sink. I now know more about the anatomy under there than I ever cared to.

IMG 9825

Sadly, when our small group showed up at 6, we were still on the ground trying to snake the clog out with no success. Ina was extremely interested in the whole ordeal and kept asking me, “Why are you doing that mom?"

Dan wants to try the snake again today, but if it doesn’t work, we are throwing in the towel and calling a plumber. Wish us luck tonight. 

Have a good week!


  1. Howdy! Did I miss where you posted who won your cookbook giveaway? :)

    1. Hi! Actually, I never posted the winner on here, I just contacted her directly and sent it. I will post it tomorrow though! :) Thanks for reminding me!


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